David McCormick

Managing Director

David is a founding shareholder and serves as Managing Director of the Group’s activities and overall investment strategy. He’s a highly driven property professional with vast experience in asset management and development in a range of sectors.

Having previously worked in a number of high profile client side roles on behalf of family offices and institutional investors in the UK, Dubai and Singapore. Over the past 10 years David successfully built a wealth of experience within residential & commercial real estate development and finance before going onto form Vantage in 2017.

Jack Routledge

Director of Acquisitions

Jack is well experienced in working both client side, and in corporate asset management roles. As a founding member Jack is Vantage’s leading acquisition surveyor with a wide array of connections UK wide. Over the last 5 years he has built an extensive network of agents, landowners and alike which provides the group with unique access to a range of prime off market deals. In addition, Jack is also responsible for both residential and commercial asset management and value engineering exit strategies within the group from leasing and managing right through to disposal.


Sharjah -UAE
Towers 2 Floor 3rd ALTaawun Road


Email: david@vantagerealestate.co.uk